The City Difference

Where can you pick up a fresh-baked croissant at 7am? Or a vegan meal at midnight, right in the neighborhood? And who ever heard of a convenience store with a salad bar?

While not every City Convenience store has the same products or hours, we’re definitely not the same as other convenience stores. Here’s the City difference:

  • A wider selection. When we promise everything you need for your fast-forward life, we mean it. Check out our unusually wide selection of quality brands and daily essentials.
  • Fresh surprises. You might not expect a convenience store to carry freshly delivered baked goods, natural foods, fresh fruits, or sushi. But many of our stores do. Some even carry interesting wines and gourmet meats and cheeses. See the list of products in the store nearest you.
  • When you run out, we don’t. Key items you depend on are always in stock at City Convenience. After all, if it’s not on our shelf, it’s not convenient.
  • Rewards for coming back. Get into our rewards program and save. With a City Convenience coffee or sandwich club card, every tenth purchase is free.
  • A great place to stop. Our stores are not only right where you want them—they’re everything you want them to be. Clean and bright. Fast and friendly. The kind of store you’re glad to have in the neighborhood.